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Major or Identifying Elements


50,000 years ago. From this date, haematite and red and yellow ochres were used to prepare pigment

Objects Imprints

Hand prints, imprints of grass and thrown objects

20,000 years ago     Naturalistic

Large naturalistic figures complex

Extinct megafauna; thylacine; Tasmanian devil; terrestial animals; rock python; freshwater crocodiles; human beings; earliest x-ray paintings

Dynamic Figures

Human beings in complex apparel; anthropomorphs; zoomorphs;terrestial animals; freshwater fish; stencils: had of 3MF convention; boomerangs;one-piece multibarbed spears; detailed compostions


Post dynamic figures

Human beings in headdresses; public aprons and bustles; macropods; lizards; fighting pick/hooked stick introduced


Simple figures with boomerangs

Human beings in headdresses; public aprons and bustles; conflict; fighting pick; single and multiple pronged barbded composite spears; possible spearthrower


Mountford figures

Human figures (many elongated); spearthrower

Naturalistic symbolism

Yam figures

Anthropomorphised yams; phytomorphised animals; Rainbow Snake; ibis; egret; short necked turtle; flying fox; long arm prawn; segmented circle symbol

Estaurine   8000 years ago


Early estaurine complex

Estaurine fish; barramundi; mullet; catfish; saltwater crocodile; variety of spearthrowers

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Trip Advisor

Kakadu Cultural Tours and Anbinik Kakadu Resort are owned and operated by Djabulukgu Association representing the Traditional Owners of Northern Kakadu and parts of Western Arnhem Land.

You will enjoy exclusive access to country and sites specialising in Aboriginal cultural & nature based cruises, tours & wilderness lodge accommodation in this World Heritage Area.

Guests travel in small groups by comfortable 4WD vehicles & boats, escorted by expert guides, predominantly Aboriginal, ensuring high standards of service & a unique cultural experience.